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  1. WordPress Weakness Makes Sites Not Hosted on Our Server Vulnerable to Hackers

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    Security Vulnerability Affects Many Major Plugins.

    WordPress specific hosting, like we provide, will automatically update the WordPress software as soon as new versions are available. All sites hosted on other servers should have their code checked for the weakness immediately!

    Last week WordPress unleashed a rapid series of updates, all to fix a cross-site scripting weakness in the code. The weakness was caused by an error in WordPress documentation that misinformed plugin authors and resulted in many plugins being coded incorrectly.

    Here is a list of major plugins that contain the weakness and should be updated immediately:

    • Jetpack
    • WordPress SEO
    • Google Analytics by Yoast
    • All In one SEO
    • Gravity Forms
    • Multiple Plugins from Easy Digital Downloads
    • UpdraftPlus
    • WP-E-Commerce
    • WPTouch
    • Download Monitor
    • Related Posts for WordPress
    • My Calendar
    • P3 Profiler
    • Give
    • Multiple iThemes products including Builder and Exchange
    • Broken-Link-Checker
    • Ninja Forms

    If you’re tired of worrying about the security of WordPress, your client’s site should be on our WordPress Hosting Server. A real human being performs the updates your site, and then tests it to make sure it still works! Last week, all WordPress sites on our servers were updated within 120 minutes after the security udpate was released.

    We guarantee the lowest-stress experience you’ve ever had building and hosting a client site, allowing you to spend less time worrying about work and more time enjoying the most important things in your life!
    To get started, please contact Mike on his cell: (604) 556-1292 or send us an email

  2. On Apr 21 Google will Punish Mobile Unfriendly Sites

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    … and favor responsive, mobile-friendly sites!

    Is your site responsive? What about your client’s site?

    On April 21st, Google is rolling out an algorithm change that will affect search results that are displayed when a user is on a mobile device. If a site isn’t mobile-friendly, Google will not rank it as well as responsive sites.

    1. First on your list should be making sure that your website is responsive and mobile-ready, and Google has a tool to help you do that:
    2. Next, take a look through your past client’s websites. Which ones were built in the pre-responsive era? What about sites that the client didn’t want to pay for the responsive ‘feature’ at the time?This is especially important for clients that are targeting super-locally, and even more so for restaurants or similar sites that are often searched when users are out and about on their phones.Send a quick note to them and let them know about Google’s change.

    If you don’t know how to make a site mobile-ready, we can help!

    If you contact us by Thursday, there’s a good chance we’ll be able to fix the site before Google’s change rolls out in 8 days,

    Before April 21st, we are offering a 10% discount on quotes for transforming existing site into mobile-ready sites. If you need help with your site or one of your client’s sites, please send us an email or us a call.

    Here’s the link to Google’s official announcement: