Managed WordPress (and other) Hosting

Avoid the blood-pressure through the roof feeling that happens
when your client calls and says ‘My website is down!’

If you’ve ever received a frantic call from a client because their website has “gone down”, you know the feeling I’m talking about,  how all your other work for the day gets pushed back, and your new priority is to get the server fixed so that your client’s site is restored.

Stop trying to manage the ins-and-outs of server management by yourself. With our years of expertise we can: fix the server, restore your site from a backup, change server settings for you – and you can get back to your day!

5 Big Reasons to Host Your Client’s Site With Us

  • Every month your client hosts with us, you make money. We bill you a discounted agency hosting rate, and you bill your client your prices – the value we offer in our hosting allows for at least $10 per month extra per site in your pocket
  • When you need something done to the site or server, you contact us via phone or email. You don’t create a support ticket that will be who-knows-how-long until you receive a response.
  • Multiple server locations across Canada and the USA provide your clients with the best location suited for their targeted market (and Google checks that as a factor for SEO)
  • Multiple backups in different locations provides protection against hackers, corrupt hard drives, and even natural disasters.

If your client’s site runs on WordPress, here are some additional benefits to hosting their site on our servers

  • Every WordPress core security update is done by a human being, within hours of the updates being released.
  • WordPress staging system that duplicates the live site so changes can be made, and tested, in a private environment.

Our Exclusive Iron-Clad, No Wiggle Room, Simple, Straightforward Guarantees

Basically, I guarantee the lowest-stress experience you’ve ever had hosting a client site and be 100% satisfied with every aspect of our hosting or I’ll make it right or I’ll give you a full refund! Here are the details:

Guarantee #1: If, after we’ve transferred a website to our servers, you are not fully satisfied EVER, we will make everything right, OR, if you prefer, I’ll refund all money paid for that year of hosting AND pay my programmers to transfer the site to another web host FREE OF CHARGE.

Guarantee #2: If for any reason, your site is compromised while on our servers, we will make sure your site is cleaned & corrected within 24 hours FREE OF CHARGE. And, if you aren’t completely satisfied with our service or response times in handling the crisis, I will still refund all hosting paid for that year AND pay my programmers to transfer the site to another web host FREE OF CHARGE.

Frankly, there’s no way on earth I could afford to do this – unless I was successful at hosting sites just like yours and at keeping customers for life. Which I am. So, take note: There’s no fine print here. No little asterisk marks with footnotes and tiny type. No attorney language. I guarantee your satisfaction period. And, incidentally, I have a standing offer for other hosting companies: Prove you’ve matched and honored a similar guarantee for at least 2 years in this area and I’ll donate $500.00 to the charity of their choice.

Let us move your website to our servers, please give me a call on My cell: (604) 556-1292 or send me an email.


Mike Szostak
Pacific New Media