Who We Are

Pacific New Media is a company that provides services for freelancers, graphic designers, design agencies, and other creatives to help you:

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Does the World Really Need Another Web Company?

Probably not. In fact, there are already too many small companies offering web services…

But here’s what makes Pacific New Media different from all the rest:
In a sea of search engine marketers, web designers, and WordPress programmers, Pacific New Media is unique because in order for our business to succeed, you need to succeed. Let me explain…

We help you grow your business, so that you have too much work and will hire us to help out!

By providing you with marketing advice, business consulting, and even programming and hosting for your own site pro bono, you’ll realize how great we are to work with, and how much experience we have with the technical side of the internet that you’ll want us to help you on your client projects:

  • Custom WordPress or PHP Programming
  • Web Hosting
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

By letting us handle these tasks for your client work, it benefits both of us. It allows us to charge less because we aren’t communicating directly with clients, and it allows you to make more money by offering our services and you make money off the top!

If the idea of making more money and having less stress sounds good to you, let us know!
Contact us via email or give Mike a call at (604) 556-1292