I’ll be honest, I want you to be so pleased with our programming and hosting services that you’ll bring all your projects to us. That’s why I’ve created these guarantees. They protect you and your client from being burned, and don’t give us any wiggle room for second class programming or shoddy web hosting.

Frankly, there’s no way on earth I could afford to offer these guarantees – unless I was successful at hosting and building sites just like your client’s and at keeping customers for life. Which I am.

So please, take note: There’s no fine print here. No little asterisk marks with footnotes and tiny type. No attorney language. I guarantee your satisfaction, period.

“Project Timeline Guaranteed Or Your Money Back” Guarantee

Have you ever had to come crawling back to your client with your tail between your legs because a contractor has put your whole project behind a deadline? You’ve promised your client certain things, and we understand the importance of you being able to keep your word – and keep your client!

You can’t afford to lose clients because of slow programmers, so when you hire us to build your client’s site, we guarantee it will be done on time. If it isn’t, it’s free. We put our money on the line to show you just how serious we are.

“Bug Free for 90 Days” Guarantee

Large sites are complex, and can be difficult for you to completely review. That’s why we give you and your clients 90 days to find any bugs, issues, deficiencies etc. with the website. If you find something wrong, we fix it for free.

Our Exclusive, Straightforward, and Simple Web Hosting Guarantees

Basically, I guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied with every aspect of our hosting or I’ll make it right or I’ll give you a full refund! Here are the details:

Guarantee #1: If, after we’ve transferred a website to our servers, you are not fully satisfied EVER, we will make everything right, OR, if you prefer, I’ll refund all money paid for that year of hosting AND pay my programmers to transfer the site to another web host FREE OF CHARGE.

Guarantee #2: If for any reason, your site is compromised while on our servers, we will make sure your site is cleaned & corrected within 24 hours FREE OF CHARGE. And, if you aren’t completely satisfied with our service or response times in handling the crisis, I will still refund all hosting paid for that year AND pay my programmers to transfer the site to another web host FREE OF CHARGE.